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The Holy Spirit entered the sexy body of bob hickman, like a angelic body. the same size

  • worlds only holy ghost filled man is bob hickman

    the Holy Ghost entered my body, like a Spirit ghost body, my perfect size, which is ACTS 2:38 and

    the holy spirit baptizm feels like a body your perfect size coming in like me floating into you or you into me.

    My body feels hot, vibrates, is electric,

  • God created satan to have sex with him
  • God has become a sex Symbol
  • href="">the most horrible thing is world is how god treats bob hickman

    God wanted sex with many people

    God is after prostitutes in Indianapolis in bob hickmans body

  • part of my daily walk

  • God appears in dreams with tongue hanging out, licks bob hickman

  • "God forced me to become homosesexual"

  • I still give visions and dreams

  • God turns his children into fags

  • God wanted me to watch gay forced sex videos

  • save yourself from this untoward generation

  • God forced me to sleep with young men

  • destruction is coming all over the world

  • God wanted sex with gay women

  • God made me sleep with homosexual people

  • God needed a male body to lure people for sex

  • satan jumped in the fire to escape Gods sexual advances

  • God told me he wanted sex with animals

  • God told me he wanted sex with cats

  • visions from God the King of Lords

  • god told me he wanted sexs with cows

  • visions from God the great I AM

  • I still love visions

  • who says christianity in 2019 has to be boring.

  • I like dreams

  • send me your dreams of sexual intercourse

  • better to have link then pretty name

  • on 6-17-2008-I saw hollie and and heard, "this is prophet website, lets post"

  • God said he wanted sex with demons

  • God wanted sex with angels

  • God makes pastors have sex with flock

  • these visions are back

  • God makes children kill parents

  • God makes mens penis move

  • God loves war and terror

  • Jesus Christ visions

  • God needed people to kill each other he told me

  • home page

  • God lusts birds

  • God loves women that fight each other

  • God makes parents kill children

  • God is the one that started abortion

  • Bob hickman is the worlds only living christian, and a sexy one, and sex having one. God said be holy and what that really means is having sex with all I can find
    holy spirit enters me like boby perfect size, be my facebook friend
  • prophecy stuff for wirdos

  • God dresses up like satan on halloween

  • god wanted you to think he loves you, but ask him do smething for

  • god feeds of your suffering he caused

  • god told me has anal sex with men

  • God told me have anal sex with woman

  • prophetic prophecy sights

  • this is hell

  • these visions are back

  • prophetic prophecy encounter

  • prophetic sights

  • prophetic sights

  • visions from Jesus

  • many prophetic God stuff

  • home page

  • Jesus saves me and creates ministry of dreams

  • dont not copy, alter, or steal ministry of dreams birthed by the Holy Ghost, italian visions

  • the prophecy hope

  • the end times man

  • end times fun

  • end times mission

  • mission project

  • bob hickman profile

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  • visions

  • vision of Jesus-received december 2011-in this vision I saw Jesus and he said, "go to heaven".

    the beast bob hickman-vision received about 12-23-2011-in this vision I saw, bob hickman, and he was wearing burgundy sweatshirt and looked angelic and he said, "I am God".

    turn-vision received 12-27-2011-while driving my van in indianapolis I saw hollie appear and she showed, turn, into, speedway gas station.

  • -brand new prophetic guestbook

  • Jesus tortures his children all day to laugh at them and make them perish after the surrendered all

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  • read bout me

  • a the vision

  • god wanted his people to be faggots

  • God needed homos in churches

  • God wants straight people executed

  • bob hickman lives in indianapolis

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  • the bob hickman story

  • ningthing

  • God persecutes me to make me perish

  • me info on google


    end times religion

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  • new website

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  • Jesus killing me persecuting me and told me he will do it to you if you get saved

  • daily persecution

  • God makes my dick move

    God gives all christians gum disease

  • god wants all his people to perish

  • God chases satan for sex

  • God wanted satan to give him oral sex










    vision page

    germany translation

    so of the theives of Ministry of Dreams being exposed which is spiritual warfare

    the yahoo blog

    visions on swom

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  • perecutiion

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  • prophecy board

  • visionstime

  • prophetic crackle

  • spanish prophecy webiste

  • visions ex-plosion

  • tumblr prophecy

  • prophetic linkedin
  • the way
  • the way

  • the prophetic mix

  • das xomba

  • god loved luring people to their death

  • god loves anal sex
  • the god of God is a hard penis

    God wanted people to become pervert

    god made everybody gay to have sex with all

    God wanted women to go to church and have sex with men

    God makes his servants masterbate