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  • homepage 2 Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 4-13-2011-bobby said, hollie, God said, she showed, eat something, Jesus said, she wore, its red sweatshirt, and white topless hat, that was, front part pulled up, bobby, she said, you dyin, and I stamp, hollie said, but she wasnt seen but blue features, thats dull blue Father appearing, your going to go home, said, it Jesus, hollie did convey, wiped her lips, said, it hollie, showed, its, the, beast, riding his black horse, its, into moscow, russia, pope said, thats, pope signing, its, uh deal, hollie said, with me, medvedev said, it gains some advantages, hollie said, control, hollie stamps, hollie showed, eat, something, bob she said, like concerned hollie, its, she said, your dyin, she said, bob no links, said, it Jesus, hollie said, thats, hi-5 ministry of dreams, website, like mostly silhouette faced angel but face appeared, its, somewhat hollie said, better, but angel showed, thats hi5 ministry of dreams, it will never be taken off hollie said, now your established hollie said, as the rightful owner to the name, call it, Jesus said, with silhouette face himself, ministry of dreams, God, spoke and created, ministryofdreams, dont steal it, or, alter it, hollie said, or God will get ya, thats Jesus with torturing device, I will make you run to remove, thats, all that take it, God said, showed, dont copy it, thats, the ministry of dreams, with hollies picture, in, then the angel the ministryofdreams, appears, but same angel that represents hi 5, i'm, the ministryofdreams, angel like white mostly silhouette everything light angel said, i'm the beast with seven heads and ten horns, said, its pope hollie said, thats heads appearing and kings popping out, like king of mexico, smiling, but showed, no, theres lula and castrol and nicaraguan president, all three looking stout but none want, hollie closes it up, she said, your wanted on the phone, angel said, bob, thats woman shaking yes, take it, she, said, thats bob leasing his church, the apostolic church, bob calls it, its simple, hollie said, the name, puts on sign himself, thats bob painting but changes into hollie, but back into bob, wearing blue jeans and red sweatshirt, no said, it, hollie, new hollie said, like somewhat golden egg shaped, with like triangle where hair should be, hollie moodie played his music, but face mostly silhouette, was, happy, you got some, he said, thats bob and janette hickman fucking God said, he saw, grecia, said, mostly silhouette faced white angel, thats pope with somewhat silhouette face himself, and goat horns, hollie pointed, thats kings coming out, theres hu hintao with his flower out of one, thats putin and medvedev and pope out of other, hey hollie said, popon wore brown suit this time, thats hegoat, getting angry and ram with putins face, hollie saw with red sweatshirt, brown pants, make uh wish, she said, then angelic hollie appeared, thats, hollie showed, 1967 chevrolet impala, thats hollie like white angel driving, look at you, said, it, hollie, another one, said, did convey, thats bob in video with white hat and people laughing at what God does, hollie said, its I persecute said Jesus, with torturing instrument of light, hollie looked, showed, turn, wore red sweatshirt and dark brown pants, hollie looked, showed turn, like the new hollie, with, like egg shaped head, golden colored and like its triangle where hair should be but dull blue this time, thats angel appearing, mostly silhouette face like dull golden hair, thinking, showed, call the blogspot website, the ministry of dreams, i'm said the angel, silhouette face, hollie, showed, the avanti passenger car, its still loved she said, she spun tires in like white angel hollie, thats pope on black horse, like, uh angelman, hollie said, theres submarine right there, said, it, hollie, thats captain hollie firing, surfacing, thats iraq and gaza exploding, its, I made our war, president bush said, ate his chicken legg, hey hollie said, thats eyes on chicken legg, its to breakem bush said, steal our oil wells contracts, he said, ate chicken as hollie took off, c'mon she said, nice full brown hair, thats bush in the fire, while you got time, said, Jesus, its, he, appeared, appearing herself, wearing red sweatshirt, showed bobby walk, thats bobby walking at, its wal-mart hollie showed, stamped, and like whirlwind of light with dark outline in, appeared, pope coming out like angel of light man, hollie, said, boo chanted, its, him, a she hollie said, many he hollies on hill but she hollie there wearing maids clothes, but turned to light hollie, that was Jesus showing, turn, hollie said, but changed into new hollie with like egg head, tripod hat, hollie looked, thru telescope, saw both beasts, its same hollie as last time like, its romans warrior head gear like tripod, and, golden egg shaped head, theres the pope like angel of light and hu hintao on red horse, hollie had the little mcs stereo receiver, thats power meter moving, its l-e-d, hollie said, its excellent receiver, she said, sleep, jumpy hollie said, hollie showed, turn, like, golden faced, hollie wearing, its, like, triangle head gear, like comes down where hair should be, dont tell me about the marine corp., said, its angel hollie said, wearing, red plad coat, thats, him guarding and, two angels just like him dressed like marines, its under economic collapse hollie said, coming out, looting, lighted new hollie showed, which way, she said, thats the tap dancers, many hollies, theres, pope, she said, wearing brown suit, hollie clapped her lighted hands, Jesus did say, she pointed, wore red sweatshirt, let me, with, its, the, uhleave it uhleary, said a scond hollie, God said, hollie pointed, nuclear fires, its texas, thats three captain hollies surfacing, like, its the little head, appearing like angel of light, its pope, its both american coasts, burning, but angry barack obama appeared, presses, nuclear button, thats russia on fire, its near moscow, hollie said, showed, lay down, boo chanted many hollies, both he and she, hollie found the twenty dollars, wore, its uh red sweatshirt, but scene changed, to, its Gods hammer, like blue he hollie,
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